natural edge bowls

Bowls are open shapes, with the largest diameter defining the opening. I turn a natural edge bowl by leaving the outer bark intact. These pieces are challenging to turn, because the cut is interrupted as the bowl rotates. Sanding the interior can rap knuckles! The bark is fragile, so the wall thickness is heavier than a smooth edge bowl. Treat gently! 

2014-746 Spalted Oak Bowl
2014-746 Spalted Oak Bowl, the spalting is a natural decaying process that creates stunning effects. It is unusual to see it in oak, though. Makes for a gorgeous bowl! [SOLD IMMEDIATELY]
Natural Edged bowl, Peach-wood [SOLD]
#2007-720 This peach bowl has incredible figure, just begging you to really look at it! I decided to add beading details near the bottom to contrast with the totally natural flowing shape of the outer tree. I also removed the topmost layers of bark for a more striking edge. The finish is satiny-smooth, incorporating food-safe walnut oil for a soft sheen. Approx 5” dia. x 3 ½” tall. [SOLD]
Natural Edged Bowl, Peach-wood $55
#2007-705 This peach bowl just invites you to touch it. The ultra-smooth finish and the variety in the color is stunning. I had no idea peach was this beautiful, and it is hard to find, even in peach country. Finished with buffed carnauba wax. Approx 3 ¾” dia. x 3” tall. $55
Natural Edged Bowl, Mimosa (NFS)
#2007-706 Mimosa bowl with natural edge. This fast growing tree produces striking grain patterns that sweep up towards the edge. Very graceful bowl, weighs next to nothing! Finished with buffed carnauba wax. Approx 5 ½” dia. x 3 ½” tall. (NFS: In the artist's kitchen)
Natural Edged Bowl, Oak (SOLD)
#2007-703 White Oak bowl with natural edge. This came from a piece of deadfall crotch-wood that had some spalting resulting in very unusual grain and color. It was hard as rock! Quite beautiful, especially with the intact bark. Finished with carnauba wax. Approx 4” dia x 2 ½” tall at wings. SOLD, in the collection of Marcia Lassar