platters plates & wall hangings

This artwork displays wonderfully on a mantle, wall, a fine collectibles nook or that special place that just needs some added beauty and elegance. 

Plate with Birches Stone Inlay [SOLD]
#2010-734 Hickory plate with birches inlaid in marble, malachite and sulfur, with calcite rim over gilded base. [SOLD]
Plate, Sweet Gum with Malachite Inlay [SOLD]
#2008-722 A mantelpiece item, this Sweet Gum Plate features a deep green Malachite rim inlay and some additional inlays in the bark inclusions. The grain was really surprisingly beautiful, even if the trees aren't all that great! Dinner-plate size at approx. 10 " in dia. [SOLD]
Plate, Bl Walnut, Green & Blue Calcite [SOLD]
#2007-718 Another plate from Black Walnut, I stained this one darker to add contrast to the green and blue Calcite inlay. Underneath and intermixed with the stone is metallic leaf for really beautiful brilliance and color. Approx. 7 ½ ” dia. x ¾” thick.
Black Walnut Plate, Calcite & Malachite inlay NFS
#2007-709 This Black Walnut plate has some beautiful figure with incredible depth. I inlaid a band with a combination of a citrine-colored Calcite and Malachite stone, even adding touches of inlay in two small knots for added emphasis. Approx. 6 ¼” dia. x ¾” thick. NFS