Comment by: Darren Strange
just visiting

Comment by: your niece cyrin
Nice work those pens are amazing!
Comment by: Diane
Awesome! my talented brother. God Bless!
Comment by: Pat K.
John, you work has always been beautiful, now you have a great website to match!
Great work your choice of stones are awesome...
Comment by: Diabou
Hey brother-just passing your website around the office so I thought I would give a hollar! One girl wanted to know if you do pool sticks! You are very talented and blessed that you can follow that talent to create these beautiful works of art. Anyway, I love the new work-stay safe bro! love ya sis!
Comment by: Pam Wilson
You are so gifted - Exquisite pieces of art. I will keep this website on my favorites! Pam
Comment by: dad
you must have got your love to work wood from your great grandfather Onesime Auger cabinet makerw5
Comment by: Mike Rigg
John, What magnificent art this wood beocmes in your hands. I'm inspired by your work, and always have been.
Comment by: Jane Hayes
John, What breath-taking beauty. You are an artist indeed. I love your work.
Comment by: Pat Krishnamurthy
John, I love your new website...very professionally done. Better yet, I love your way with wood; you are an incredible artist and craftman. Pat
Comment by: Marcia Lassar
I was so impressed with your work I had to order something for my newly painted mantel. The web sight also looks very professional . My only suggestions - give a price range for items not immediately for sale in case someone wants to order something similar.
Comment by: Ike Patterson
John, Not surprizing at all, you have always done excellence! It is who you are. The craftsmanship and the site are quite inpressive. I am proud to know you!
Comment by: Gil Gerretsen
John, I love me pen and votive candle holder. Your work shows a special gift. Blessings on your endeavor. Gil
Comment by: Steve Ellis
John, Great Shop!!! Great Work. After you build my pen can you come organize my garage?!!! Blessings brother!!!
Comment by: Frank Sitzmann
Very impressive John!!
Comment by: Kim Carter
John, Your work is "gorgeous"---I'm in awe!! What a talent the Lord has given you!! I also love your website design--very professional!! It showcases the pieces so well! Keep on "doin what you're doin"!! God Bless, Kim
Comment by: Amy Hardy
I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful work! The website is very impressive. You are a man of many talents. God Bless you and your family! Amy Hardy

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